Imaging for Africa

Education is the capital of the future

The nonprofit association IMAGING FOR AFRICA organizes educational projects in the Third World countries through a

Private Partnership Platform.

KNOWHOW - Our mission is to spread the Knowledge where it needs to be used. For that very reason i4a helps people to share their know-how in the IT branch with others.

Why is so difficult for individuals to help others?

The most private initiatives fail at simple things like paying customs or getting permission from proper authorities, as well as cultural and language problems. We know it because we went also through this before.

Why through a private partnership?

The most effective way for helping people is through donations. We realized that things are easier for structured organizations (nonprofit association). That is why we got organized and started helping people.

We have already the opportunity to meet people in Africa which are going to be benefit through our projects.

Please make your donations

and help us to make the world a little bit better!